Texas Blackouts Grid Failure

Following Up on Texas: Why the Grid Failed

It’s been a few weeks since power outages devastated Texas, but a lot of questions remain. Here’s why it happened — and how to prevent it from reoccurring. After a devastating polar vortex sent temperatures in Texas plummeting, the state’s energy grid was severely overwhelmed by the mass amount of heating demand. Despite producing more…

Utility power lines

A Message from Solstice on the Texas Blackouts

A manmade disaster in Texas and what we need to change in order to prevent this from happening again. Today, the weather finally warmed in Texas, stemming the onslaught of immense damage, loss, and suffering that residents experienced this week: 4.4 million households left for up to 5 days without power and heat as temperatures…

TEDx logo on stage

9 TEDx Talks Showcasing New, Sustainable Tech

Complex challenges call for innovative, complex solutions. Thankfully, there’s a lot happening in the tech world to tackle the world’s most challenging problems. Electric Vehicles and the New Energy System “We are able to run on solar for 24 hours a day – our own solar. And it’s not just our house but also our…


Community Choice Aggregation Explained In Less Than 5 Minutes

Is your town or city joining a community choice aggregation (CCA) program? Here’s what you need to know. Thousands of Americans have gotten a letter in the mail from their town that says the town is offering a community choice aggregation program. The letter says the CCA will change the energy they receive at their…


3 Central Hudson Bill Pay Tips

Like it or not, you get a Central Hudson bill every month. Worse, chances are you’re devoting more time and money than you should toward it. Cut out the extra time and cost with these 3 tips that’ll slash your bills. Unless you’ve taken yourself completely off the grid, you have to pay an energy…


3 Orange & Rockland Bill Pay Tips

Paying your Orange & Rockland bill? More than likely, you’re spending hundreds or thousands of dollars more than you need to. Reclaim that money, and the time you spent paying it, in 3 easy steps. We all need energy in our homes to function, so paying energy bills should be simple and worry-free. Unfortunately, for…

Central Hudson Bill

A Central Hudson Electric Bill Explained

The average Central Hudson customer spends about $1,400 a year on electricity, and most aren’t sure where it’s all going. We lay out in plain English what all the charges on your Central Hudson bill mean and how to maximize your savings. When you pay your electric bill month after month, you start to notice…

Energy efficient home

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

You don’t need to remodel your home to make it more energy-efficient. These five simple steps could save you over $500 a year, without requiring any major changes to your home. What do you imagine when you think of making your home more energy-efficient? A lot of people’s minds go straight to the big moves:…