“The best part so far is working with the people at Solstice.”

Jayne Bolton

“I just signed all my locations up with them. I have 15 houses, so there were a lot of accounts we were able to take care of and wrap up in one afternoon.”

Jerry Osterhoudt

“I can go there and show my kids and say, ‘See that solar garden over there? We belong to that!'”

Joan Karasik

“I will not be dependent on my utility provider.”

Alison Galley

“Interestingly enough, I never realized we could have solar, in this area. I mean who would have thought? We have so many cloudy days. So much nasty weather. I never even thought that was possible.”

Linda Rosin

“I felt confident that I could go into this without worrying about being cheated in some way.”

Dr. Bill Barklow

“I decided to sign up because I feel like we owe it to the future generation.”

Paula Cohen

“It’s an opportunity for people like me who have too many tall trees to participate in renewable energy.”

Tim Holiner

“They’re very professional and very knowledgeable. Young, energetic, and I think that they’ll do very well.”

Jerry Osterhoudt

“I’m very pleased to be doing it and hope that others are as well”

Gordon Hatfield

“The true, well-qualified young people from Solstice blew us away with their expertise.”

Douglas & Camille Johnston

“The electricity bills from this year are substantially down from last year.”

Rev. Paul Sprecher

“I got to say you guys have been wonderful because you answered all my questions so I felt pretty confident and then I drove out here to see the farm being built. It was nice to actually see and almost be part of it in a way”

Dick Rosin

“It’s just a no-brainer to me.”

Dr. Bill Barklow

“Sustainability, whether it’s for me, my kids, or my kid’s kids, matters.”

Jeff Abrams

“It’s a perfect solution for someone who can’t afford or doesn’t want solar panels.”

Paula Cohen

“It’s an easy way to participate in renewable energy. I am not sure why anyone would not do it.”

Tim Holiner

“It saves you money, and it’s clean and renewable energy – there’s no downside!”

Jim Pfiffer

“I like the community-aspect of Solstice… I am living my values.”

Alison Galley