covid community solar

COVID-19: What it Means for Community Solar

We have all been impacted by COVID-19 in one way or another—and the community solar industry is no exception. However, the post-pandemic future of community solar is looking especially bright. We’re all facing uncertainty right now—over our health, our finances, and our very ability to live and work as usual.  It’s no surprise that the…

Community Solar Farm in City

What is Community Solar?

What exactly is community solar, and what does it mean to enroll in a local solar farm? Learn the basics of community solar in 2020 here. What do you think when you hear of solar power? Panels on top of roofs? Environmentally-friendly energy that you would like to have one day, but probably won’t get…

Community Solar Guide

The Ultimate Guide To Community Solar

This is it: everything you need to know about the locally-driven community solar model that’s bringing clean energy to millions of Americans for the first time. After over 100 years of fossil fuel emissions from distant power plants, Americans are taking control of their energy. They want it to be more local, more affordable, more…


Affordable Solar for All: Solstice’s Approach to Democratizing Clean Energy Access, Explained.

When Solstice Co-Founder & CEO Steph Speirs first decided that she wanted to bring affordable solar to every American household, she was halfway around the world. She had been working with local communities to expand solar access in off-grid rural communities in India, and one day she realized that the households that she talked to…


Your Guide to Energy Savings: Ten Easy, Effective Steps You Can Take to Live More Sustainably

Signs of America’s support for sustainability and energy efficiency are everywhere, from our overwhelming approval for solar development to our rapid adoption of energy-saving LED light bulbs. What actions can you take today, though, to make your home more energy-efficient and sustainable? And what are the more effective home modifications for the truly committed? Sometimes…


Understanding Your Solar Options in 2019

Solar is booming in America, and there are many options for getting access to your own solar power, so it can be difficult to know which option is best for you. Today, we’re going to lay out the most common solar options and help you understand their benefits and drawbacks. The first thing to consider…