A community-building approach to filling your solar project

Our partnership-driven acquisition strategy ensures every community sees the positive impacts of your renewable energy projects across the full customer life cycle, from acquisition to retention.

Your Solar Garden

See valuable insights from your solar
garden, including allocation, contracts, host
summaries, billing reports, and more

Solstice Platform

Simple enrollment + centralized key data
for you and your customers

Small and Medium Businesses

We find and enroll multiple meters from
small and medium businesses to harness
the power of local leadership and influential
community members


We acquire and manage high-quality
off-takers with ease and are better
positioned than any other vendor to bring
in low-moderate-income households

Local Organizations

Our partnerships with local organizations
position your solar farm as a trusted energy
solution for community members


Let us do the heavy lifting. Our multi-channel strategy is adaptable to fill projects swiftly and effectively and meet growing LMI requirements.

Integrated Marketing

Our team of professionals brings the stickiest customers to your solar farm through awareness and education.

Partnerships Focus

We accelerate acquisition by partnering with local organizations residents already know and trust.


No vendor is better positioned to acquire, educate, and serve low- to moderate-income customers than Solstice.

Inclusion Spotlight

Low- to Moderate-Income Inclusion

Put your solar project’s savings in deserving hands and meet LMI enrollment goals with ease

Integrated Management Platform

Our platform tracks and visualizes key data to provide you with project performance at a glance.

Turning Customers Into Fans

We create a powerful sense of community pride that keeps customers excited about their subscription.

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