A community-building approach to filling your solar project

Our partnership-driven acquisition strategy ensures every community sees the positive impacts of your renewable energy projects across the full customer life cycle, from acquisition to retention.

Your Solar Garden

See valuable insights from your solar
garden, including allocation, contracts, host
summaries, billing reports, and more

Solstice Platform

Simple enrollment + centralized key data
for you and your customers

Small and Medium Businesses

We find and enroll multiple meters from
small and medium businesses to harness
the power of local leadership and influential
community members


We acquire and manage high-quality
off-takers with ease and are better
positioned than any other vendor to bring
in low-moderate-income households

Local Organizations

Our partnerships with local organizations
position your solar farm as a trusted energy
solution for community members


Let us do the heavy lifting. Our multi-channel strategy is adaptable to fill projects swiftly and effectively and meet growing LMI requirements.

Integrated Marketing

Our team of professionals brings the stickiest customers to your solar farm through awareness and education.

Partnerships Focus

We accelerate acquisition by partnering with local organizations residents already know and trust.


No vendor is better positioned to acquire, educate, and serve low- to moderate-income customers than Solstice.

Inclusion Spotlight

Low- to Moderate-Income Inclusion

Put your solar project’s savings in deserving hands and meet LMI enrollment goals with ease

LMI Qualification

The best experience in the market for LMI solar enrollment, from initial education to qualification and follow-through.

Inclusive Marketing Materials

Non-traditional media, multilingual content, inclusive messaging, and targeted programming in underserved communities.

Housing Authorities

Community organizing, exceptional service, and in-depth customer education for mission-aligned housing authorities and their residents.

Workforce development partnerships

Project revenues that directly benefit residents of installation sites.


A more accurate and inclusive alternative to FICO credit scores for predicting utility payment behavior.

Community Partnerships

Strong relationships with essential businesses and organizations that influence members of LMI communities.

Integrated Management Platform

Our platform tracks and visualizes key data to provide you with project performance at a glance.

Seamless Self-Enrollment

Self-enrollment flows that verify eligibility and authorize payment methods, reducing churn and utility rejection.


Clear and customizable invoices and automatic billing with advanced features to minimize churn. 


External security audits and penetration testing of software platform + hosting on AWS to capitalize on industry-leading tools and technology for security.



Our best-in-class customer service and upfront customer education allow customers to enroll in minutes and turn them into advocates.

Utility Integration
Close communication with utilities to understand billing deadlines, process allocation changes, and hear firsthand (and get ahead of) utility updates that may impact your customers.

Built with a microservice architecture that allows us to scale and deploy each part of the platform separately. Modern and well-supported web technologies allow us to nimbly build scalable, secure software while focusing on our core customer experience competencies.

Turning Customers Into Fans

We create a powerful sense of community pride that keeps customers excited about their subscription.

Ambassador Program
We tap into the influence of our most dedicated customers to drive rapid acquisition of high-quality offtakers, including quick and painless churn fill.
Feeling the Impact

Households get to live the experience by viewing their environmental footprint and even sharing it with friends and on social media.

Hear Every Customer

Continuously improving customer experience through surveys, customer heat maps, and cancellation data. 

Resolving Issues

Our Customer Success team resolves issues in less than a single business day and boasts a 9/10 CSAT score among our subscribers.

Best-in-class Customer Service

Upfront customer education, in-house experts on call to address even the toughest utility and billing questions to keep your project running at capacity. 

REC Services

Developer Benefits

Streamlined Pathway

Gain access to a simplified process for selling Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and Tax Credits across various markets and project types. This pathway connects you with investment-grade buyers.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Minimize the administrative workload required to secure revenue through REC and Tax Credit sales.

IRA ITC LMI Economic Benefit Application

Explore potential opportunities to participate in the IRA ITC (Investment Tax Credit) Low- and Moderate-Income (LMI) Economic Benefit application, opening doors to additional financial benefits.

Matching with Investment-Grade Buyers

We facilitate connections with investment-grade buyers for multi-year contracts. These contracts allow you to sell RECs and retire them on behalf of our corporate clients. Additionally, we can connect you with willing tax equity buyers to maximize your REC and Tax Credit sales.

Administration of Environmental Justice Benefits

Our services extend to the administration of environmental justice initiatives. These initiatives aim to ensure equitable distribution of benefits in renewable energy projects, promoting social and environmental fairness.

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