Investment-Grade REC Opportunities

Access investment-grade buyers with sophisticated ESG strategies seeking multi-year contracts for differentiated RECs

A Streamlined Path to Revenue

With Solstice’s REC services, developers benefit from a simplified way to sell Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). 

We can also help you explore opportunities to participate in the IRA ITC (Investment Tax Credit) Low- and Moderate- Income (LMI) Economic Benefit application, opening doors to additional financial benefits. 

Differentiated RECs with Community Impact 

As a Solstice partner, you can connect with Enterprise buyers who work with Solstice to administer community benefits with their REC purchases.

Direct Utility Bill Relief

Credits or payments to offset energy burdened low- and moderate-income households

Nonprofit Support

Impact funds to community nonprofits providing livelihood services to low-income, energy burdened families

Community Advisory Boards

Direct funding to established Community Advisory Boards to help build more community-led clean energy projects

Workforce Development Funding

For grassroots nonprofits to train and hire local clean energy community educators from outside the energy industry

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    Share Clean Energy

    Get $100, Give $25

    Help us make clean energy accessible in your area. Link your friends, family, and neighbors with Solstice community solar, and enjoy $100 for every friend who joins, with an extra $25 going their way!