We focus on subscriber success so you can focus on building more solar

We keep subscribers happy with our best-in-class customer success team. Our services cover full administration of billing and invoicing, so you can simply sit back and watch as your projects–and customers–prosper.

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Access to Comprehensive Customer Support 

Solstice customers can call, live chat, email, or use our self-service portal for 24/7 assistance. Our bilingual customer success team resolves issues in less than a single business day!

All-In-One Billing Solutions

With clear and customizable invoices and automatic billing, Solstice handles all customer invoicing on your behalf – and that goes for both dual-billing and utility consolidated billing (UCB) projects. We keep close communication with utilities to understand billing deadlines, process allocation changes, and track utility updates that may impact your customers. 

Minimize Churn Risk 

We’ll replace customers at no extra cost.

Solstice proactively mitigates churn with a proprietary machine learning model that allows us to predict who is most at-risk of cancellation and take proactive steps to support and retain those subscribers. We replace any subscribers who churn within 3 months of Post-COD to give you peace of mind.  

Here to Help Your Brand Shine

We are genuinely excited about connecting people to community solar, and we won’t stop shouting it from the rooftops until everyone has access to clean energy! We’ve generated all kinds of buzz about community solar that builds exposure for your brand and sparks goodwill. 

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    Help us make clean energy accessible in your area. Link your friends, family, and neighbors with Solstice community solar, and enjoy $100 for every friend who joins, with an extra $25 going their way!