Solstice Partners With The Village of Mundelein to Bring Community Solar to Residents


Solstice Partners With The Village of Mundelein to Bring Community Solar to Residents

March 22, 2023

MUNDELEIN, IL – March 22, 2023– Solstice is partnering with The Village of Mundelein to bring affordable, clean energy to all community members, including income-eligible residents through the state program Illinois Solar for All. Working with community leaders in Mundelein enables Solstice to connect with low- to moderate-income households who have historically been left out of clean energy benefits and educate the community as a whole on the financial and economic benefits of supporting locally produced energy.  


The Village of Mundelein has been pursuing new ways to increase community sustainability and renewable energy access to build a more resilient energy system for years to come, and their partnership with Solstice not only achieves these goals but saves their residents thousands on their annual electric bills. For a limited time, every resident who enrolls will unlock a $100 enrollment bonus!


Mayor Lentz worked to ensure his residents would benefit not only from clean energy savings, but to ensure enrollment bonuses for potential subscribers. “We’re pleased to support Solstice because of the cost-savings for our residents and the opportunity to support clean energy. We think this is a great opportunity for all of our community members since Solstice provides a solution for everyone. All residents can sign up to get 20% savings on their electric bill, and income-qualified households can get up to 50% savings on the supply portion of their bill, and everyone is eligible for a $100 enrollment bonus. Either way, with Solstice, you will save money.” 


Solstice, an approved Illinois Solar for All vendor, enables community members to enroll and subscribe to a share of a nearby community solar farm, support clean energy on the grid, and save money on their monthly electric bills – with no upfront costs or changes to their property or electricity availability. With their subscription, customers receive their electricity as usual with no disruptions. Solar credits are applied as a deduction to their electric bills each month, giving them up to a 50% savings on the supply portion of their electric bill depending on which program they are eligible to join. To receive the 50% savings, customers must qualify to join the Illinois Solar for All program which is designed for income-eligible residents who earn 80% or less of the Area Median Income (AMI). The AMI varies by household size and geography. You may check your eligibility through Solstice’s self-qualification form. If a resident doesn’t qualify for Illinois Solar for All, they may still enroll in a local community solar farm to receive a 20% savings on their electric bill! 


Renters and homeowners can sign up today in as little as 10 minutes. Subscribers keep their utility company and see no changes to the way their electricity is supplied or delivered, and best of all, customers will receive credits from their solar project directly on their regular electric bills, so there is no additional hassle to participate.


“Community solar expands the benefits of clean energy savings to those that cannot install solar on their rooftop or afford to buy expensive renewables,” said Solstice Co-Founder and CEO Steph Speirs. “We’re thrilled to be able to bring this opportunity to Village of Mundelein residents, many of whom can now participate in the green economy for the first time”.


By subscribing to community solar, local residents reduce local greenhouse gas emissions and help Illinois reach its clean energy targets. Homeowners and renters can find more information here!


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