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Need to Lower Your Electricity Bill?

Enroll in community solar through the Illinois Solar For All program, and save up to 50% on your electric bill!

Up to 50% Savings*

Qualified households can save up to 50%

Renters are Welcome

Open to both renters and homeowners. No installation required

No Enrollment Fees

No upfront costs, unsubscribe at any time.

* Your payment is equal to the value of bill credits minus your savings of 50%.  Savings may vary.

What is Community Solar?

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Getting started is easy

1. Panels

A solar farm gets built near you. Renters and homeowners can subscribe to a portion of the farm that matches their
energy usage.

2. Utility Company

When you join, your portion of the solar farm sends its energy through the power
grid, so there’s no need to install anything on your home or pay upfront

3. You

You will get your electricity as normal - no change to your everyday life, except for monthly savings and the good feeling of supporting clean

Most Americans don’t yet have the means to install solar panels on their own property. Community solar empowers residents and organizations to connect their electric meters to locally built solar farms and earn renewable energy credits on their bills, bringing down their costs and preserving their community for good.

Illinois Solar For All FAQs

This program is specifically for income-eligible residents. To qualify, the household must verify as 80% or less of the Area Median Income (AMI). The AMI varies by household size and geography.

All subscribers must be income-eligible to receive bill credits using a three-step verification process.

  1. First, the prospective subscriber reports on their income.
  2. Then, Solstice collects this information that verifies their income.
  3. Finally, an ILSFA administrator validates the information so the applicant can enroll in the program. Subscriber income must qualify in each step of the verification process to successfully enroll in the program.

By enrolling in the program, you will be helping Illinois reach its solar goals while receiving up to 50% off the supply portion of your electric bill. Plus, you’ll get an additional enrollment bonus from Solstice when you sign up! 

Subscribers will receive 50% off of the supply portion of their electric bill. The supply portion of an electric bill is typically half of the total electric bill. This results in an estimated 25% savings on your total electric bill.  Solar credits received are based on subscriber energy usage and the solar farm’s energy production, which can fluctuate month-to-month resulting in varied savings.

Join a Community Solar Farm

Save on your energy bill while supporting a cleaner future for your community.

The Illinois Solar For All program promotes equitable access to the solar economy through incentives that help make solar more affordable for income-eligible residents and qualified residents living in environmental justice communities.

    Solstice Community Solar

    Disclaimer: The Illinois Solar For All program was created to spread the benefits of low-cost energy to income-eligible Illinois residents. This program offers monthly electric bill savings to all participants, but not all households are allowed to join. Community solar subscribers in this program earn savings of up to 50% on their electric bill. This savings equals about 25% of your total electric bill. Solar credits received are based on subscriber energy usage and the solar farm’s energy production, which can fluctuate month-to-month resulting in varied savings. The electricity generated from your assigned panels is sent to your utility company and is reflected on your normal utility bill along with your savings. Since the credits and savings will be applied directly to your electric bill, you will never receive a separate bill from Solstice. The subscription term is for 1 year and auto-renewed yearly until you cancel. You may cancel at any time and there is no free to cancel your subscription. We just ask that you provide us 90 days’ notice so that we can fill your spot in the program. You may continue to pay for credits applied to your bills for 90 days after you tell Solstice you plan to cancel, so let us know in advance.

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