Li Murty

Director of Customer Success

With a proven track record in client-centric roles and a passion for fostering long-term partnerships, Li brings an understanding of the importance of delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Before joining Solstice, Li had a remarkable career spanning over a decade in the globalization technology industry. During this time, she successfully managed a diverse portfolio of Fortune 500 corporations and influential non-profit clients across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. She enabled her clients to achieve their objectives and gain a significant competitive edge in their respective markets by aligning technology with operational efficiency. Her ability to deliver exceptional experiences has not only driven client satisfaction but also resulted in significant retention and revenue growth.

With an extensive background in cultivating enduring, robust connections, Li is committed to utilizing her knowledge and skills to propel Solstice clients towards success, while championing a Sustainable Future that fuels the globe with unwavering enthusiasm for Renewable Energy.

Li is based in San Diego, CA. She grew up in Singapore and holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from National University of Singapore. She enjoys pilates, art museums, long walks and loves to travel.


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