Hilary Young

“I got connected with Tim at Solstice, and he was incredibly kind and patient in answering all my questions. Community solar sounded like a great way to help the world in what little ways I can. And when I found out I could save money too, I thought that was amazing. When I compare my bills this year to the same time last year, my expenses are down.”

Hilary Young

“I’ve always been an avid environmentalist. My students used to call me ‘Mother Earth.’ Anything I can do to help the environment is worth it for me; I love having the opportunity to choose clean energy.”

Janet Barnett
Catskill + Co

“We have always wanted to switch to renewable energy, but as we love being tucked in the forest, solar panels were not an option. I was so excited when Solstice found us with the offer of community solar. The transition was seamless, and every representative we’ve heard from has been smart, pleasant and well-informed.”

Ellen Dudley

“Our members who showed up to the Community Solar Party event with Solstice were all really excited about it. All of them signed up!”

Laura Hartmann

“We can save the planet, we don’t have to have solar panels on our roof, and we save money. What could be better, right?”

Dawn Carpino & Peter Correia

“One of the benefits of partnering with Solstice is we were able to reach out to our members in a different way. They were very easy to work with, it was constant contact.”

Brent Felker

“Our experience was incredible. The gallery made money, and all the individuals that signed up ended up making a difference for the environment and saving on their energy bills, so win, win, win.”

Marcy Bernstein

“It does lend a sense of community, a sense of participation; we’re all in this little boat together which is planet earth, and we all need to work together to fix the problems going on.”

Raina Whan

“Thanks to the below-market solar energy Solstice provides, my wife and I felt comfortable replacing our fossil-fuel HVAC system with an efficient ducted heat pump system. We feel good about reducing our carbon effects and saving money.”

Regis Obijiski

“I decided to sign up because I feel like we owe it to the future generation.”

Paula Cohen

“I like the community-aspect of Solstice… I am living my values.”

Alison Galley

“Not having to get panels on the roof but still being able to source cleaner energy was a huge game-changer…and the person to person contact has been beautiful.”

Danielle, Ryan, and Cassidy Bakst

“I felt confident that I could go into this without worrying about being cheated in some way. It’s just a no-brainer to me.”

Dr. Bill Barklow

“I just signed all my locations up with them. I have 15 houses, so there were a lot of accounts we were able to take care of and wrap up in one afternoon.”

Jerry Osterhoudt

“This came as a great solution for me because I wanted to try solar, but I didn’t want to attach it to my house.”

Elaine Pannasch

“I was very happy to have another option to be able to use clean energy, and I can feel better about our electricity.”

Jane Bloodgood-Abrams

“I was so excited because I could have solar power that I could take with me when I was renting, and the customer service was really incredible.”

Kayla Rosin

“For us this was a nice way to get into solar without too much commitment or cutting down trees.”

Richard Wixom

“I really enjoy the sun, and the more sun I can get in my life the better.”

Pete Santora

“The best part so far is working with the people at Solstice.”

Jayne Bolton

“I can go there and show my kids and say, ‘See that solar garden over there? We belong to that!'”

Joan Karasik

“It’s an opportunity for people like me who have too many tall trees to participate in renewable energy.”

Tim Holiner

“I’m very pleased to be doing it and hope that others are as well”

Gordon Hatfield

“The true, well-qualified young people from Solstice blew us away with their expertise.”

Douglas & Camille Johnston

“The electricity bills from this year are substantially down from last year.”

Rev. Paul Sprecher

“I got to say you guys have been wonderful because you answered all my questions so I felt pretty confident and then I drove out here to see the farm being built. It was nice to actually see and almost be part of it in a way”

Dick Rosin

“Sustainability, whether it’s for me, my kids, or my kid’s kids, matters.”

Jeff Abrams

“It saves you money, and it’s clean and renewable energy – there’s no downside!”

Jim Pfiffer

“It’s fun, you know, kind of like being part of a family…it’s nice to be eco-conscious.”

Lisa & Paul Hackett