How Community Solar Can Benefit Your Organization (and a FREE e-book!)


How Community Solar Can Benefit Your Organization (and a FREE e-book!)

February 3, 2021

We see it every day in our work: organizations are discovering the value in community solar. Whether they work at corporations or national or community-based businesses, leaders are taking advantage of community solar to accomplish their goals.

It may seem obvious, but sometimes, with all the talk of solving large-scale issues like climate change and air pollution, we forget: clean energy is and should be a community good. It spreads when community members see their friends and neighbors getting involved, and its benefits ripple throughout the local economy, environment, and the health and well-being of the community.

When an organization gets involved, those benefits extend to all its employees or constituents. Corporations, faith-based groups, and local businesses often ask us how they can bring clean energy to their workers or members. Their motivations vary: some organizations are focused on environmental advocacy, some are looking to spread savings as a benefit to their employees and constituents, some are looking to be a part of a project that brings people together, and some want to take action to demonstrate their group’s core values. Understandably, most of our partners are interested in more than just one of these.

If your organization is looking to cut costs, make a difference in the community, and get involved in a team-wide initiative, community solar could be just the thing! Here’s how it works:

By allowing individuals to subscribe to a solar garden offsite from their own property, community solar is making clean energy easy to implement and universally beneficial. Businesses and organizations finally have a simple way to be more sustainable, save money, and support important efforts within their community.

But like any positive new initiative in a company, community solar requires leadership to gather buy-in and get off the ground. So how do leaders make it happen?

How Can I Bring Community Solar to My Organization?

If you’re considering championing community solar to your business or organization, you’ve got a lot to look forward to. Your team will save money and feel good about the mission they’ve supported, and you will have spearheaded the campaign. That’s something to be proud of!

Your organization can use community solar to earn positive publicity and hit important benchmarks. And you don’t have to go about it alone. Like other community solar champions, you can partner with Solstice to develop a strategy, educate your constituents, and carry out events that not only boost member engagement with community solar, but also raise funds for organizations close to your heart.

Our partnerships have been so mutually successful that we want to share our results to help groups understand how they can reach their own objectives, whether those are centered around fundraising, sustainability, or brand recognition. Download our Community Solar for Organizations E-book below to learn how your organization can go green, save on electric bills, and unite your members through sustainability support.

Community Solar For Organizations E-Book

Your organization can use community solar to earn positive publicity and hit important benchmarks.

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