Switch to solar, without the panels
Connect to locally sourced clean energy and join more than 12,000 customers using community solar!

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    No installation and no cost to join

    There’s no need to install panels on your roof or own your home. Simply sign up online, and we’ll connect you to a share of a solar farm in your area. Thanks to statewide clean energy programs, community solar lowers your electric costs.

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    A simple and sustainable way to make a difference

    Ditch Fossil Fuels

    60% of U.S. electricity comes from fossil fuels. By connecting to solar, you can actively support a healthier planet for both people and the environment.

    Unlock Monthly Savings
    You'll receive monthly energy credits for adding clean energy to the grid. These energy credits bring down your bill. You'll never pay more for electricity than you do today.
    Cancel Anytime
    You can unsubscribe any time with no cancellation fee. We're pretty sure you won't want to, though, since you'll be paying less for electricity than you do now!
    Build Community Power
    Supporting shared solar helps build resilience against climate change, and puts clean energy savings in the hands of those who need it most.
    No Rooftop Required
    Skip the hassle of installing panels on your roof! You’ll keep the same utility provider, and there’s no disruption to your everyday electricity use.
    Enroll Online

    With the Solstice platform, you can join community solar in minutes and track your savings, all online.

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    Communities Love Community Solar

    Join 12,000+ Solstice clean energy subscribers!

    “We can save the planet, we don’t have to have solar panels on our roof, and we save money. What could be better, right?”

    Dawn Carpino & Peter Correia
    Solar subscribers in Ulster County, NY

    “I like the community-aspect of Solstice… I am living my values.”

    Alison Galley
    Teacher, Mother, and Environmentalist

    “This came as a great solution for me because I wanted to try solar, but I didn’t want to attach it to my house.”

    Elaine Pannasch
    Solar subscriber in Ulster County, NY

    “I was very happy to have another option to be able to use clean energy, and I can feel better about our electricity.”

    Jane Bloodgood-Abrams
    Artist & solar subscriber in Ulster County, NY

    “I can go there and show my kids and say, ‘See that solar garden over there? We belong to that!'”

    Joan Karasik
    Mother and Rockland County Community Member

    “I’m very pleased to be doing it and hope that others are as well”

    Gordon Hatfield
    Bridgewater Unitarian Church Member

    “Sustainability, whether it’s for me, my kids, or my kid’s kids, matters.”

    Jeff Abrams
    Microfinance Consultant

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    Before Enrolling

    We’ll send you our complete guide to community solar and a link to schedule a phone call if you’d like to speak to our team.

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      Share Clean Energy

      Get $100, Give $25

      Help us make clean energy accessible in your area. Link your friends, family, and neighbors with Solstice community solar, and enjoy $100 for every friend who joins, with an extra $25 going their way!