Solstice for Community Organizations

A Fundraiser That Feels Good & Does Good

  • No installation, no added fees
  • Save on your monthly electric bills
  • Raise $25 for every community member who signs up
  • Become a supporter of renewable energy
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Become a Community Partner

Partner with Solstice

    It’s Time To Go Green

    Joining your solar farm preserves the community you interact with. Nothing demonstrates your investment in the health, wealth, and happiness of the people you serve like committing to renewable energy.

    A Fundraiser That
    Feels Good and
    Does Good

    When you partner with Solstice, we give back to you. We could spend our budget on ads, but we’d rather give to groups that share our values and commitment to a brighter world.

    For every member of your organization who subscribes to community solar, we’ll donate $25 straight to you to support your programs and reduce financial strain.


    Support Your Membership

    Connecting to a solar farm gives your community members a simple way to save money on their monthly bills, invest in their local economy, and preserve their surrounding environment. They’ll thank you for the opportunity!


    Share Clean Energy

    Get $100, Give $25

    Help us make clean energy accessible in your area. Link your friends, family, and neighbors with Solstice community solar, and enjoy $100 for every friend who joins, with an extra $25 going their way!