The age of solar has arrived.  

Prices for solar power have plummeted, yet the vast majority of American households are still locked out of the solar market. If you are one of the 90 million households that can’t get solar because you rent your home, have inadequate credit, possess an unsuitable roof, or for some other reason, then we are here to help. Solstice’s mission is to unlock the benefits of solar power for you.

With the help of transformative state policies around the country, we are providing an exciting new option called "community solar." It means you can go solar without installing anything on your roof; you simply subscribe to a solar garden in your area. The best part is, there’s no cost to join and you’re guaranteed to save on your electric bill every year.

Our mission at Solstice is to build awareness about community solar, and to enroll households and local organizations in nearby solar gardens, particularly in lower and moderate-income areas.

The result is good for everyone—more Americans enjoy the benefits of solar power, stronger communities, and a better chance for the planet’s future.

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I feel that this is a great thing. I wish everyone could do it! We need to all go solar as a planet and as a nation.
— Ginger, Solstice Customer, Bridgewater, MA

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