What If My Energy Needs Change?

52 years ago

What If My Energy Needs Change?

What If My Energy Needs Change?

This is an easy one. People’s energy usage fluctuates as they install or remove appliances or make changes to their home. Good news: you won’t have to worry about your community solar subscription when it’s managed by Solstice. Here’s why.

  1. We allocate your portion of the solar garden based on your past energy use, so it’s usually quite accurate. Most of the time, your energy usage won’t change enough to make a noticeable difference.
  2. If a change in electricity usage makes reallocation necessary, it won’t require any extra legwork on your part. We’ve got you covered.

We work with the developer to ensure people are getting the share they need to offset their electricity use, so if your energy needs change, your share should be updated automatically. However, if you’re concerned about your allocation, you should always feel free to share your plans and concerns with us–we’re happy to plan with you and ensure that everything’s in place to cover your energy bill with credits!

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