Community Solar for Illinois Residents!

ComEd customers in Illinois: you can join a local solar farm, support renewable energy in your community, and enjoy up to 20% savings on your annual electric supply costs* with no installation or upfront payment required. We’ll throw in a $50 Visa Card bonus when you enroll, too!

This solar farm is available to ComEd customers in Illinois. Finally: an electric bill you’ll really love! Enroll now or fill out the form below to learn more about Solstice’s community solar program.

*Your payment is equal to the value of bill credits, assuming the default electricity supply charge with your utility, minus your discount of 20%. If you’re on a different supply rate, you are still eligible to participate. Savings may vary.

Here’s How Community Solar Works:

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    As a community solar subscriber, you receive solar credits on your normal electric bills, bringing them down. Solstice then bills you for those credits at a fixed discount, giving you savings month after month. For instance, if your share produces $50 worth of credits in a month, you'll have $50 subtracted from your electric bill, and then Solstice will bill you for those credits at the discount set out in your contract.

    We know it sounds crazy, but there really are no upfront costs to join community solar, and there are no additional subscription fees, either. You'll continue to pay electric charges as you currently do, but they'll go largely toward supporting nearby solar, and you'll be billed for solar credits (at a 20% discount, giving you savings) by your community solar provider. Solar shouldn't have to cost extra, and with community solar, it doesn't!

    We'll allocate you a portion of your local solar farm that matches your annual energy use. It may take a few months for your project to finish being built and connected to the grid, so we'll ask you to hang tight until then. We'll let you know when your project is ready to turn on, and when it does, you'll begin to see credits on your bills for going solar.

    Nope! The discount you receive on your solar credits is locked in for the duration of your contract, and you'll have the option to renew your contract at the end of the period. Since you only pay for the energy you use, but at a fixed discount compared to your utility's rates, you'll always pay less for credits you get from community solar than you'd pay for traditional energy from your utility.

    Your Community Solar Garden’s Impact

    In the first year of your community solar garden’s operation, it will have an environmental impact equivalent to:

    Artboard – 3_retinaCreated with Sketch.

    Not burning more than 3,000,000 pounds of coal

    Growing 50,000 tree seedlings for 10 years

    Artboard – 1@3x_retinaCreated with Sketch.

    Taking 654
    cars off the road

    *Environmental equivalencies calculated using the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator based on an estimated 4,200,000 kWh of year 1 production.

    Solstice is a Designee of the Illinois Shines Program, also known as the Adjustable Block Program or “ABP.” Illinois Shines is a state-administered program implemented by the Illinois Power Agency to promote new solar development and solar PV systems. Solstice’s community solar farms produce local solar power, and Renewable Energy Credits, or “RECs,” which are sold to Illinois utilities to help Illinois reach its renewable energy goals.

    Click here for the Illinois Shines Community Solar Informational Brochure

    Our Promise to you


    We Believe

    The future depends on renewable energy
    Everyone should have a say in their energy source
    Communities are stronger together
    Doing good shouldn’t cost extra
    Customers deserve a provider they can trust


    We Pledge

    To spread solar power far and wide
    To make solar accessible to all, not just the fortunate few
    To unite neighbors around local solar gardens
    To keep our programs free to join
    To always be transparent and open - reach out to us!