Community Solar for ENGIE friends and family!

Friends and family of ENGIE in Western MA can now join an ENGIE community solar farm, support renewable energy in your community, and enjoy up to 10% savings on your monthly electric costs with no installation or upfront payment required.

ENGIE is partnering with Solstice to enroll subscribers in our Skyline solar project in Western MA. On top of your savings, when you join, Solstice will also send you a $50 VISA gift card. This offer is available to all local Eversource customers in the ENGIE community. Finally, an electric bill you’ll really love!

Enroll now to earn your bonus or fill out the form below to learn more about our community solar offering.

Enroll In Solar 

Click the button below to create your account. All you’ll need handy is your utility info and about 5 minutes of your time.

Learn More First

We’ll send you our complete guide to community solar and a link to schedule a phone call if you’d like to speak to our team.

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    Your Community Solar Garden’s Impact

    In the first year of your community solar garden’s operation, it will have an environmental impact equivalent to:

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    Not burning more than 3,000,000 pounds of coal

    Growing 50,000 tree seedlings for 10 years

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    Taking 654
    cars off the road

    *Environmental equivalencies calculated using the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator based on an estimated 4,200,000 kWh of year 1 production.

    Big Impact; Small Commitment

    Eliminate the hassle

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    Here’s How Community Solar Works:

    Solstice’s Promise To You:


    We Believe

    The future depends on renewable energy
    Everyone should have a say in their energy source
    Communities are stronger together
    Doing good shouldn’t cost extra
    Customers deserve a provider they can trust


    We Pledge

    To spread solar power far and wide
    To make solar accessible to all, not just the fortunate few
    To unite neighbors around local solar gardens
    To keep our programs free to join, with guaranteed savings
    To always be transparent and open - reach out to us!

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