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80% of Americans can’t access rooftop solar. Solstice is a hybrid organization that strives to make the clean energy revolution work for everyone in America by marrying innovative technology with community power.

Solstice Power Technologies

Our software company, Solstice Power Technologies, builds technology that makes going solar incredibly simple and works with local communities to place that power in the hands of every American.

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Solstice Initiative

Our nonprofit arm, Solstice Initiative, empowers traditionally excluded communities to lead the clean energy transition through innovative projects and policy solutions.

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Our Powerful Community

We’re here to prove that communities can create incredible change – and that clean energy can be used to serve those who need its benefits most. That means building a powerful constituency of 8,000+ local solar subscribers across the country spreading positive energy!

George Palmer

“I’ve got a couple of kids. We talk about climate change, and we don’t want them to think that there’s nothing you can do. If we can spread this–if we can get more people involved–we’re really going to make a difference.”

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George Palmer
Solstice solar subscriber in Libertyville, IL
Dan Kelly

“We just get to leverage this local source of solar energy in our home, but really for my house nothing changes. This community solar program in particular was so easy to get connected with and to use that it was a no-brainer…I think it should be for everybody.”

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Dan Kelly
Solstice solar subscriber in Lisle, IL

“Everybody that we’ve talked to from Solstice has been incredibly friendly and incredibly generous and that makes it very easy to work with. And just from a logistics standpoint, Solstice made it very easy. They provided the materials and the assistance for our members to get online and sign up.”

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Brent Felker
Executive Director, Arts Society of Kingston, NY

“My personal goal is to save the planet. The problem is I have an 80-foot maple tree over to the left of the house that’s blocking part of the roof. Then the people from Solstice came along and told me that I could share solar energy from panels that are not on my roof but are someplace else. I really want to do whatever I can to reduce the damage we’ve already done to the environment, and this certainly will help in the long run.”

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Dr. Bill Barklow
Solstice solar subscriber in Natick, MA

“I just signed all my locations up with Solstice. I have 15 houses, so there were a lot of accounts we were able to take care of and wrap up in one afternoon. For me, the savings are substantial.”

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Jerry Osterhoudt
Landlord and Solstice solar subscriber in Cooperstown, NY

“The best part so far is working with the people at Solstice. They are so helpful and they are very attentive. They know who all their customers are and explained everything about their solar farm to us. Nobody’s going to want to discontinue once they see the savings on their electric bills and they work with this company, because this is a great company.”

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Jayne Bolton
Solstice solar subscriber in Otsego County, NY

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Millions of Americans can’t go solar because their credit is insufficient. To overcome this, we developed the EnergyScore – a more inclusive and more accurate predictor of utility bill payment performance that’ll expand access to solar for millions of Americans.

Accuracy rate in predicting bill payment behavior.

More inclusive than the FICO score for low and moderate income households.

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