Your Guide to Energy Savings: Ten Easy, Effective Steps You Can Take to Live More Sustainably


Your Guide to Energy Savings: Ten Easy, Effective Steps You Can Take to Live More Sustainably

March 6, 2018

Signs of America’s support for sustainability and energy efficiency are everywhere, from our overwhelming approval for solar development to our rapid adoption of energy-saving LED light bulbs.

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What actions can you take today, though, to make your home more energy-efficient and sustainable? And what are the more effective home modifications for the truly committed? Sometimes the options can be overwhelming and it can be hard to know how to maximize your impact.

Our new guide to home energy savings offers a straightforward view of the top five most affordable and accessible tips to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. Practicing energy efficiency does more than just save you money and energy; the energy choices you make in your home impact national and global sustainability efforts.

The Massive Impact of Energy Efficiency

According to the Alliance to Save Energy, the US uses 56 percent less energy today than if we did not have energy-efficient technologies and policies, enough energy to power twelve states during the typical year. Keeping our energy usage down is vital both to conserving our limited natural resources, such as oil, natural gas, and coal, and to tackling climate change and pollution.

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Carbon Emissions Wreak Havoc on the Environment


It’s a common saying among energy experts that the cheapest form of renewable energy is the energy you don’t use. When we consume energy generated by fossil fuels, we generate harmful greenhouse gas emissions that pollute the environment. This is why home energy efficiency is so vital, and why so many states have programs to help people make energy efficiency improvements to their homes. Experts can hone in on the specific carbon costs of everyday actions. Washing a load of laundry in cold water generates 0.6 kg of carbon; if you wash it in warm water, the carbon cost is nearly six times as much. Simple changes like this can help you immediately lower your carbon footprint and live more sustainably.

How Does Community Solar Benefit the Environment?

Energy Efficiency Boosts Economy

When it comes to larger projects like home efficiency renovations, does it make more sense to look at these changes as a cost, or an investment? For perspective, we can look to the broader economy: Energy efficiency practices save the US government, its employees, and businesses upwards of $250 billion a year in avoided energy costs. In our guide, you can learn which changes will go the furthest for your household in terms of impact and savings.


Affordable Options

There are many efficiency options for you to choose from, some cheaper than others. Any reduction to your energy output makes a difference, but it is important to consider whether the savings will outweigh the costs, and when. Rooftop solar saves money for many households in the long run, but upfront costs and other factors make it impossible for many households. In contrast, community solar offers immediate savings on your electricity bill without the need for a rooftop installation.

Our energy guide presents you with a variety of energy efficiency practices—both ones that require an investment and ones that are more widely accessible. Learn more about how you can join a growing movement for sustainable living – download our energy efficiency guide by filling out the form below.

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