Solstice: Statement In Solidarity With Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Workers


Solstice: Statement In Solidarity With Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Workers

October 31, 2018

We wrote this post on October 31, 2018, in light of the recent Department of Justice ruling and in advance of an important Massachusetts vote on anti-discrimination policy.

Last week, the Department of Justice dealt a calculated blow to civil rights in America by filing a brief with the high court arguing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not prohibit discrimination against transgender workers. In addition, Massachusetts voters face a choice next week, with a proposed bill to veto existing anti-discrimination protections for transgender people. These latest efforts to rescind legal protections for trans and gender non-conforming people represent serious steps backwards for our country.

Solstice’s sustainability and economic justice work has always been rooted in a broader pursuit for equity, and the knowledge that the climate crisis poses a grave threat to marginalized communities. These latest efforts to rescind civil rights protections from the groups who need them most only embolden us in our efforts to build a more just and equitable America. Discrimination against trans and gender non-conforming individuals should have no place in this country, and it certainly has no place at Solstice.

We reaffirm today our commitment to upholding the right of our staff members, and of workers everywhere, to a safe and empowering workplace. We condemn the Department of Justice’s decision, and we encourage organizations and businesses across the country to adopt non-discrimination policies of their own to protect their LGBTQ staff. Together, we can support our community members and uphold civil rights for everyone.

–The Solstice Team

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