Sneak Peek: The Solstice Office


Sneak Peek: The Solstice Office

December 4, 2019

What exactly is the solar startup life like? Take a peek into the Solstice office to find out.

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The Solstice Office

Everyone has heard the stories of how Google, HP, and other tech companies began in a garage. One of the most exciting moments in startup life is when you graduate from home offices and co-working spaces to your own. In the Spring of 2019, Solstice reached this point, moving into our own office in Cambridge, MA. 

Not only is this space our own, but it’s a bright, airy spot to work. After all, could we even call ourselves a solar company if we weren’t basking in as much sunlight as possible? The windows that line both sides of the office let in light all day long and provide a view of Central Square outside, where there are always plenty of people and events going on. 

Our biggest windowless wall, meanwhile, sports a massive mural that adds its own light to the space. The natural imagery of birds, flowers, and bees reminds us of the world we seek to preserve, and the subtle solar panel design reflects how renewable energy contributes directly to a greener planet. We owe a great debt to Linda Cheung (founder of the organization Before It’s Too Late) for creating this piece to support our work.

We’ve filled our space with couches, office pods, comfy chairs, and even a treadmill desk to help every type of person be productive. Walking while working might not be for everyone, but it can be a good way to keep the heart rate up throughout the day! These spots, combined with conference rooms and phone booths, offer spaces to do anything from taking a call to hunkering down to catch up on emails.

Of course, home base for each of us is still the desk – typically a standing desk, which gives each employee the option to put them at whatever height helps them be at their best. There is a place for everyone to come in and comfortably contribute to Solstice’s mission.

Reminders of Our Inspiration

Everyone at Solstice is dedicated to providing equitable access to solar energy. It is hard work, but we are fortunate to be surrounded by a number of inspirational people. In addition to our co-founders, who motivate us every day, we have named our conference rooms after those who inspire us most. At Solstice, we have meetings in offices named Harriet Tubman, Nelson Mandela, and Crazy Horse. Our phone booths, meanwhile, are named Badlands, Zion, and Acadia as an extra reminder of the amazing landscapes the natural world has to offer right here in the U.S.

And of course, while inspiring leaders who remind us of our work are essential, it is also important to have teammates who remind us to play, smile, and enjoy the little things. That’s why Solstice has a dog-friendly office. When you need to take a step back, there is nothing better than having a furry friend nearby. 

Lastly, as a mission-driven organization, it helps to keep in mind the people we serve and the ethical standards we hold dear. Along the walls of our main hallway we’ve hung pictures and quotes from the customers who are benefitting from our solar farms, along with the list of our five core values: curiosity, hard work, integrity, gratitude, and equity. 

For us, an office space is more than just the place where work happens. It serves to boost our productivity, bring people together, and remind us every day of what matters most: our customers and our planet.

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