Six Little Wins You Might Not Expect from Community Solar


Six Little Wins You Might Not Expect from Community Solar

June 13, 2023

How little wins can make a big impact. From saving the planet to saving your budget, here’s how community solar can be a fast and easy way to make a difference. 

In recent years, the world has seen an exciting shift toward renewable energy sources. Among the emerging trends, community solar has become popular, allowing individuals, businesses, and entire communities to harness the power of the sun without having to even own a home, let alone install panels on their own properties. While not all programs offer deep discounts, there are several reasons why embracing 10-20% monthly savings with community solar is well worthwhile! Obviously, we’re huge fans regardless. But we get that it can seem like 20% won’t make a dent in your budget. Here are a few reasons why it’s still worth it.

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1. You’re Mitigating Climate Change

Climate change is a global concern, and the need for clean energy alternatives has never been more urgent. By opting for community solar, you contribute directly to reducing carbon emissions and mitigating the effects of climate change. Solar energy is a clean, renewable resource that helps to decrease reliance on fossil fuels, the main culprits behind greenhouse gas emissions. By participating in community solar, you actively promote a sustainable future and pave the way for a greener planet.

2. You’re Helping Us Leave a Better Planet for Future Generations

Our actions today have a direct impact on the world we leave behind for future generations. By supporting community solar initiatives, you play a vital role in creating a better environment for your children and grandchildren. Embracing clean energy sources is an investment in a sustainable future, ensuring a world where renewable energy is the norm, not the exception. By showing the next generation the value of community solar, we inspire them to continue advocating for environmentally responsible choices.

3. You’re Making Clean Energy More Accessible

Did you know that most community solar farms have to have subscribers before they’re built? Yep. By signing up for community solar, you are not only accessing clean energy for yourself but actively participating in the process of bringing new solar farms into existence. Kudos.

4. You’re Experiencing Cost-Free Enrollment and Transparency

One of the significant advantages of Solstice community solar is that there are no upfront costs or hidden fees to enroll. Unlike installing solar panels on your own property, community solar allows you to access the benefits of solar power without the financial burden. The sign-up process is straightforward and can be completed in a matter of minutes. This is quite literally one of the easiest ways to support clean energy.

5. You’re Building for the Future

Community solar farms are being developed at an increasing rate worldwide. These projects are not a passing trend; they are the foundation of a more sustainable energy landscape. By taking advantage of the small savings offered by community solar, you become part of the movement that drives further development and investment in renewable energy infrastructure. Your support contributes to the growth of solar farms and encourages more individuals and communities to embrace clean energy alternatives.

6. You’re Saving Hundreds Each Year

While the individual savings from community solar may seem small initially, they can add up significantly over time. Let’s consider a hypothetical scenario: if you save 20% on your electricity bill through community solar and your average monthly bill is $100, you will accumulate $240 in savings each year. Over five years, that amount would reach $1,200. By participating in community solar, you not only enjoy monthly savings but also lay the groundwork for long-term financial benefits.

Environmental benefits, the potential impact on future generations, the ease of enrollment, long-term savings potential…when you add them up, these little wins create a big impact.

Know that whether you’re a long-time Solsticer (that is, a Solstice Subscriber) or a solar newbie still considering the whole idea, we’re honored to work with like-minded people like you to create a brighter, cleaner, and more prosperous planet that we can all enjoy.

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