Only 20 Solar Farm Spots Available for New Bedford Residents


Only 20 Solar Farm Spots Available for New Bedford Residents

August 5, 2022

When it comes to going green, the options are typically expensive or unattainable. Homeowners don’t want to pay the high upfront cost of installing solar panels and renters don’t always have the option of switching to renewable energy. Solstice is happy to announce that there are now openings in a community solar farm in Massachusetts that you can enroll in regardless of whether you rent or own your home. 

The New Bedford community solar farm has roughly 20 spots available to fill and they’ve been set aside for neighborhoods residing within the 02746 and 02740 zip codes, as well as some eligible homes in other parts of New Bedford. To see if your home is eligible to join, check your address in Massachusetts. Spots fill up quickly, so we encourage you to reserve yours today.  

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Receive Immediate Savings 

Subscribers for New Bedford receive 20% off of their monthly electric bills. With energy prices predicted to rise substantially this year, community solar helps put some money back in your pocket. Not only do you save money, you will be taking a big step toward providing clean energy to your community. This comes at zero cost to you and with no installation or fees – just simple, clean energy. We’ll even send you a $25 visa gift card as a thank you for committing to support clean energy in your community.

This solar farm is already built and operating, so you won’t even have to wait the typical four to five months a farm can take to be constructed to receive your solar credits after enrollment!

Support Grid Resilience 

For ages, we’ve been getting our energy from distant power plants. By signing up for community solar, you agree to support your own share of a local solar farm. This acts to reduce local pollution and create a more sustainable future. Community solar farms boost grid resilience and help keep the lights on in the face of climate change and rising global temperatures. 

The clean energy generated from the New Bedford solar farm is equivalent to 52,075 pounds of coal not being burned. That’s a massive impact on your local carbon footprint! When you enroll in this community solar farm, you’re helping cultivate a cleaner, greener future for generations to come. 

Clean energy is contagious. Each person who goes solar influences those around them to do the same. By enrolling with Solstice, you directly support the addition of clean energy to your community and set a precedent for your neighbors to follow. See if you’re eligible for the New Bedford Community Solar Farm Today.

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