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Organizations can save an average of 10% on their electric costs through community solar. It might not sound like much at first glance, but listen to what it meant for our partner El Valor!

Accessing the benefits of solar, minus the costs

For orgs like yours, Solstice provides a solution to help you stretch each dollar a little further, help you make a sustainable impact on your community, and even fundraise to bring additional funds through your organization’s doors. Read on to see how a partnership with Solstice brought residential service organization El Valor…


Local Solar Energy

Clean renewable energy to their properties


Electric Bill Savings

$14,000+ in annual electric bill savings


Program Support

Additional funds raised to support programming

Case Study

El Valor

Here’s a closer look at El Valor, one of our residential service partners in Chicago, Illinois, and how Solstice brought them crucial annual savings to make a true impact on their organization members and community, all by switching to clean, renewable energy with Solstice.

Courage, Inclusion, Community

El Valor is a nonprofit organization serving over 4,000 children, adults with disabilities, and their families in the Chicagoland area. 90% of the individuals they serve fall below the poverty line and the organization provides opportunities for them to live full, successful lives. Nonprofits like El Valor are incredibly important in creating an inclusive society that gives every individual opportunities to succeed.

Community Solar as an Economical Alternative to Rooftop Solar

After exploring rooftop solar options, El Valor found, as many do, that the price tag to install solar panels on all of their facilities was significantly more than anticipated, and the savings to cost ratio was not feasible.

Once enrolled in community solar with Solstice, El Valor started seeing savings on their electric bills that went right back into expanding their programs and offerings. We seamlessly enrolled twelve of their own properties, totaling 668 kW, on our Round Grove 2 solar farm located outside of Chicago in Lyndon, IL. All properties are saving on annual electric supply costs while supporting clean, renewable energy.

Putting the Money Where it Matters Most

This resulted in $14,000 in annual savings- helping their constituents and improving facilities. The properties included four Children & Family Centers, a Technology Center, a Vocational Development Center, and six Community Residence Homes for adults with disabilities, all of which primarily service LMI community members.

Inside El Valor’s Partnership

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Impactful Growth Through Community Solar Savings

Community organizations shouldn’t have to spend a ton of hard-earned money to support a sustainable future. We provide a way for organizations like yours to gain access to clean, renewable energy and improve your bottom line without spending a dime.

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    “It's so important for people to see that they can make a difference and that one organization, and even one person, can stir powerful change. We're grateful for the positive impact that signing up for community solar has had on us and those who rely on us, and we can't wait to see the benefits grow year after year.”

    Jillian Gonzalez
    Senior Vice President, El Valor
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