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We believe in providing the highest quality service in our salon, but we also believe in cultivating positive change in the culture of our society by educating, encouraging, and empowering our community.

We’re embracing the opportunity to bring people together by partnering with Solstice. By spreading the word about community solar, we are enabling everyone to benefit from clean, renewable energy - a resource that will truly spark change in our community.

An electric bill you’ll love

Gain access to clean renewable energy through a local community solar garden, and you could save up to 20% on your electricity costs!

Enrolling takes just a few minutes, and you’ll be helping the Chicago area fight air pollution and bringing change to your community.

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Big Impact;
Small Commitment

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Hi, I’m Nayeli Flores, your local community solar ambassador! I would be happy to send you a complete guide to community solar and schedule a phone call to answer any of your questions.

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    Going solar with Solstice

    Solstice’s Promise To You


    We Believe

    The future depends on renewable energy
    Everyone should have a say in their energy source
    Communities are stronger together
    Doing good shouldn’t cost extra
    Customers deserve a provider they can trust


    We Pledge

    To spread solar power far and wide
    To make solar accessible to all, not just to the fortunate
    To unite neighbors around local solar gardens
    To keep our programs free to join, with guaranteed                 savings on your solar credits
    To always be transparent and open - reach out to us!

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