What is a Solstice Leader?

Solstice leaders help us put more solar arrays on the ground by gathering households to share solar in a new or existing solar garden. 

Benefits of being a solstice leader

  • You help make your community more sustainable (each array avoids yearly emission of the amount of carbon captured by 1,250 acres of forest)
  • You give each participating household 10% savings on their electricity costs
  • You are rewarded with $100 for each household you help us sign up.

how it works


Talk to your friends and gather momentum in the community

Solarize your community to make it more sustainable

Get a reward for helping us spread solar



examples of community solar

What is the environmental impact

The size of the array is determined by the site we can find and the community members willing to enroll, but, on average a solar farm will serve 175 households. This size array will offset approximately 1,300 metric tons of CO2 each year - the equivalent of yearly emissions from 270 cars or the amount of carbon captured by 1,250 acres of forest. Over 20 years that a solar garden is guaranteed to provide power, that translates to avoiding the emissions of the equivalent of  27.7 million pounds of coal!

Bring solar to your community


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case studies

Deb poesepp & the First Parish Unitarian Church

The First Parish Unitarian Church in Bridgwater, Massachusetts had long been interested in solar, but its status as a historic building prevented it from installing panels on its own roof. Over the last year, it opted to pay an additional fee on its utility bill to get renewable energy from the grid, but earlier this year, church leaders became aware of Solstice. The congregation learned that they would save hundreds of dollars on their annual bill, in addition to avoiding the clean energy surcharge. They voted to join and support local clean energy. Eight individual parishioners have followed suit and switched to community solar as well.