Kingston Food Co-op

Kingston Food Co-op: Groceries for the Community, by the Community

In this edition of our Community Climate Champions series highlighting individuals and organizations building a better future for their communities, we focus on the Kingston Food Co-op. One thing the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us is how important it is to support local businesses—and how critical they are to their local economy. However, going the extra

Love environment

13 Signs You Love the Environment

Nature lovers are bonded by shared ideas, habits, and emotions. Think you fit in? These are 13 signs that you love the environment. 1. You get abnormally excited over animals–even everyday animals like squirrels via GIPHY Exotic animals that you might never get to see in the wild, like whales, tigers, or elephants, are special.

5 Truly Odd Ways to Reverse Climate Change

“The Solstice team has collectively spent decades studying solutions to climate change, but even we were shocked by some of these solutions. We got so excited that we put to gather a list of the five most interesting and unexpected solutions…” Recent changes in energy, agriculture, and transportation have made clean solutions more efficient and

Here’s How Community Solar Farms Can Be Developed to Protect Their Local Environment

Solar energy provides many benefits compared to fossil fuel generation, perhaps most notably the ability to address large-scale environmental problems like pollution and climate change. But like many of you, we’re also concerned with our solar farms’ local impacts. If a solar farm is developed without considering effects to its local environment, it can harm