Hudson Valley detailed photo

6 Ways To Live Sustainably In The Hudson Valley

How does one live sustainably in the Hudson Valley? A few local businesses are making it easier than ever before: When most of us think of home in the Hudson Valley, we think of its natural beauty: rolling hills of green forests, an abundance of pristine rivers and lakes, and in the winter, sparkling blankets…

TEDx logo on stage

9 TEDx Talks Showcasing New, Sustainable Tech

Complex challenges call for innovative, complex solutions. Thankfully, there’s a lot happening in the tech world to tackle the world’s most challenging problems. Electric Vehicles and the New Energy System “We are able to run on solar for 24 hours a day – our own solar. And it’s not just our house but also our…

Passive solar heating roof

What Is Passive Solar Heating And How Does It Work?

For decades, we’ve been heating our homes with costly fossil fuels. These methods of home heating are unpredictable in pricing each month. Newer, cheaper technology is making some wonder: how can we move away from these home heating methods to one that makes environmental and financial sense? Introducing: passive solar heating. New homes don’t need…

sunfolding solar tracker farm

Solar Trackers: What Are They and Should I Get One?

What is a solar tracker, how does it work, and is it worth the extra cost? Solar panels are pretty amazing. Transforming photons from the sun into energy we can use to power our homes, offices, even cars, is extremely impressive. But for all the unbelievable feats of engineering that go into a solar panel,…

New York Skyline Climate Change

Climate Change In New York: Challenges and Solutions

With some of the fastest-rising temperatures and sea levels in the country, climate change in New York is a real threat. But the state is fighting back. How Could Climate Change Affect New York? If you live in New York–or have family or friends in the state–you should be wondering how climate change will impact…


Community Choice Aggregation Explained In Less Than 5 Minutes

Is your town or city joining a community choice aggregation (CCA) program? Here’s what you need to know. Thousands of Americans have gotten a letter in the mail from their town that says the town is offering a community choice aggregation program. The letter says the CCA will change the energy they receive at their…

Solar panels for your home

Shopping For Solar: How To Get Solar Power For Your Home

Shopping for solar can seem confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, there’s a way today for nearly everyone to go solar. With this guide, you can choose the best solar option for your home. Shopping For Solar Used To Be Hard It turns out, if you ask Americans whether they’d like more…


Animals and Solar Farms: a Natural Combination

We always talk about how solar farms work for people. Energy savings, clean power, and the like all give humans things they want. But what about animals? What can solar farms do for them? You probably know by now that solar farms can lower your bills and bring your community clean energy. But, as anyone…