Solar Too Expensive for Your Household? Not Anymore

Since the advent of solar energy, one factor in particular has fueled criticism and prevented even the most enthusiastic would-be solar customers from “going solar”: the upfront cost. Despite the fact that panels ultimately pay for themselves through electric bill savings, high initial costs have historically meant that only a few could afford to install panels…

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Manufacturing: What Are Solar Panels Made Of?

As we’ve highlighted in the past, there is plenty of misinformation out there that blurs the truth about solar energy. While it’s broadly considered one of the cleanest sources of electricity available, rumors about toxicity and local environmental contamination have caused many Americans to wonder just how solar panels are made. You don’t have to…


Solstice and NY Solar Companies Help Local Communities Thrive

Seeking to go solar with a local New York solar company? Solstice is a non-profit that helps local community solar developers to fill their solar gardens. As we’ve written in the past, the Solstice team cares deeply about supporting local communities and helping their economies thrive. We call both New York and Massachusetts home–we couldn’t…


Are Solar Panels Really As Green As They Say?

While environmentalism isn’t explicitly codified into Solstice’s five company values, it is a guiding light for our team and the work we do. And over the last few years, thousands of conversations have taught us that environmental stewardship is a value that we share with our customers. We’ve faced tough questions in our conversations with…


What is Energy Democracy? An Interview with Professor Jennie Stephens

Energy Democracy is often a difficult term to define, as it has many different meanings to many different people. We sat down with Professor Jennie Stephens to talk about what it means to her, and how it has related to her recent work on the energy democracy movement. Energy Democracy is a term that means many…


Solstice is Not an ESCO

New Yorkers have been hit hard by shady energy companies known as ESCOs. We spend a lot of our time on the phone with people from around the state, raising awareness about local community solar gardens–and based on that experience, we can tell you two things: 1. If you’ve been burned by an ESCO, you’re…


Who Pays for Community Solar Farms?

Community solar is one of the newest and most innovative avenues for everyday people to support renewable energy. Solar gardens provide significant savings on electricity costs to the households and small businesses that subscribe to them, even as they generate revenue for the towns where they’re located. It can sound too good to be true:…

Community Solar

Here’s How Much You Can Save With Community Solar

Saving money is one of the biggest reasons that Americans are increasingly choosing to switch to solar energy. In fact, Solstice was founded for this very purpose: to bring affordable renewable energy to every American. Let’s get one thing out of the way. It’s true, if your main goal is to maximize your long-term savings,…

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Our Best Community Solar Garden Yet is Now Available to New Yorkers

There’s been a hum of excitement around the Solstice offices these past few weeks—and we can finally share what we’ve been working on. Today, we’re ready to announce we are offering you one of the best community solar deals we’ve seen. Solstice Solar Gardens Bring Savings to New York Communities Community solar allows households to…