Solstice Ambassadors

Ambassador Spotlight: Dick & Linda Rosin

Dick and Linda Rosin are Solstice subscribers from friendly Chemung who have gone the extra mile to help their friends get involved with community solar. The couple have been superstars at attracting the attention of people in their neighborhood. They used their friendly personalities and ability to connect with people to support their mission of…


Your Guide to Energy Savings: Ten Easy, Effective Steps You Can Take to Live More Sustainably

Signs of America’s support for sustainability and energy efficiency are everywhere, from our overwhelming approval for solar development to our rapid adoption of energy-saving LED light bulbs. What actions can you take today, though, to make your home more energy-efficient and sustainable? And what are the more effective home modifications for the truly committed? Sometimes…


Understanding Your Solar Options in 2019

Solar is booming in America, and there are many options for getting access to your own solar power, so it can be difficult to know which option is best for you. Today, we’re going to lay out the most common solar options and help you understand their benefits and drawbacks. The first thing to consider…

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The EnergyScore:
For a More Inclusive Solar Future.

Most solar developers mandate that their customers possess a FICO credit score of 650-700+, which prevents over half the country from participating in community solar. Solstice set out to find a better, more inclusive qualification standard. American solar energy is at a crossroads. Even as tariffs continue to limit the industry’s growth and job creation,…


How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

When families choose solar–whether it’s rooftop panels or community solar–they’re making a decision that will have a long-term effect on their pocketbooks and the environment. But just how long will these solar panels last? The Life Expectancy of Solar Panels Unlike cars, solar panels are still highly productive after 30 years with little-to-no-maintenance! Because we’ve…


Here’s What the Solar Tariffs Mean for a Booming Solar Industry

Solar is driving a jobs boom in America and making our energy systems more affordable and sustainable. Now is no time to impose job-killing tariffs–but the we know that the industry will persist and continue to expand regardless. Last Thursday, NASA reported that our planet had just experienced its four hottest years in human history.…