Catskill & Co.: the Eco-Friendly Cabin

This beautiful cabin in the Catskill Mountains of New York offsets its energy usage with clean energy from a nearby solar farm — and it’s available to rent! A hidden gem of the Catskill Mountains, this family-owned cabin is perfectly located for hiking, swimming, and skiing. The Dudley family purchased the cabin from the previous…

solar for nonprofits

Community Solar is a Triple Win for Nonprofits

Through Solstice’s partnership program, your nonprofit will not only save money every month by going solar, but also raise money for your cause on behalf of each facility or member household that joins your local solar farm. Going green, saving money, and earning donations to support your work: these are big assets for your nonprofit,…


Sneak Peek: The Solstice Office

What exactly is the solar startup life like? Take a peek into the Solstice office to find out. The Solstice Office Everyone has heard the stories of how Google, HP, and other tech companies began in a garage. One of the most exciting moments in startup life is when you graduate from home offices and…

Solstice Ambassadors

Ambassador Spotlight: Dick & Linda Rosin

Dick and Linda Rosin are Solstice subscribers from friendly Chemung who have gone the extra mile to help their friends get involved with community solar. The couple have been superstars at attracting the attention of people in their neighborhood. They used their friendly personalities and ability to connect with people to support their mission of…