The Five Solstice Values

By Madeline Iffert and Jonah Bader

Solstice is more than just a renewable energy company. We are a mission-driven organization, guided in our daily work by the following five values.

Equity | Expand the benefits of the green economy to all.

Solar is booming, and the technology is cheaper than ever. In fact, more American households installed solar in the past three years than in the previous fifty years combined. Yet 80% of Americans are effectively locked out of the solar market. Furthermore, low- to moderate-income Americans are most in need of solar savings and suffer the greatest impacts of fossil fuel pollution. We believe it is crucial to bring solar to these consumers because for us, energy equity is not just an environmental issue but also a human right. All people deserve access to clean energy regardless of their income or roof.

Integrity | Do what’s right, not what’s easy.

At Solstice, we believe in acting with integrity, and that means not cutting corners. It means playing the role of the honest broker, finding partners who genuinely share our mission, and offering the best product possible to our customers. It means being transparent with our customers about what they are signing up for so there are no surprises. It means not taking advantage of the vulnerable. It means complying with the law. It means doing the right thing and treating people with respect.

Hard Work | Opportunity favors sweat and execution.

Solstice knows that no matter how good an idea is, success must be earned. That is why the team works day in and day out to further our mission of bringing affordable, renewable energy to every American. We put in a staggering number of hours of research, strategy, phone calls, and outreach. We are constantly coding, Tweeting, and talking to someone new about our product. Weekends and evenings are never off-limits when there is an important opportunity, and no opportunity is too small. There is simply no substitute for hard work.

Curiosity | Stay humble and hungry to learn.

Although the Solstice team brings deep experience to our efforts to expand community solar,  we recognize that there is much we do not know. We are never afraid to seek out mentors and ask for advice when we encounter an issue beyond our expertise. We diligently monitor the latest developments in energy policy and compare notes with major players in the field. We are always thinking of new ways to improve our offering so that anyone who wants to switch to solar is able to do so. We learn from each other, our partners, and most of all, we learn from our customers.

Gratitude | Acknowledge others first for successes.

Solstice would not be what it is today without the help of countless people and organizations who have lent us their time, expertise, networks, and financial support. We receive so much generous assistance, and we always strive to acknowledge those who help us. In fact, we have built appreciation into our weekly routine by having each member of the team send a handwritten letter of gratitude at the beginning of each week to a member of the community. We write to people who helped us in all sorts of ways, big or small, to make sure that no one feels we take their generosity for granted.