Solstice Press Kit

Writing about Solstice? Want to learn more about our organization?
The following resources should provide you with the background you need to get started. 

Feel free to share these resources (crediting Solstice where appropriate), and email us at with any further questions - or just to let us know what you're writing about!

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Company Background

This document contains all basic information related to Solstice, our mission and our team.


Solstice images

This .zip includes Solstice's logos, team photos, and images of our solar gardens.

Solstice Profile One-Pager.jpg

Solstice one-pager

Includes information related to Solstice's business model, team, and services.

Community Solar Infographic (1).jpg

Community solar one-pager

A breakdown of why 77% of Americans can't access solar energy, and how community solar works.


Want it all?

Download the Entire Kit Below.