NY Residents Can Save 10% On Their Electric Bill By Making This Switch

Binghamton, NY–For years, Americans who wanted to get savings on their electric bill had to install solar panels directly on their rooftop.

But now, that’s changing.


There’s a new way to access solar energy, and it’s already helping Americans across the country save money on their electricity bill. Unlike rooftop solar, this innovative solution requires no upfront cost and no installation. A social enterprise called Solstice™ is leading the way in bringing community solar to you.




Community solar lets anyone subscribe to a local solar farm, and see a guaranteed discount on their electric bill every month. The savings add up quickly: it’s like getting a free month of electricity every year.

Additionally, solar farms produce no pollution — nor carbon emissions — and create local jobs. More and more people are learning about the exciting benefits of community solar and are hoping to enroll in local projects.


A new solar farm in central New York is opening up, and Solstice™ is helping all interested individuals, small business, and community organizations learn more and sign up.


Solstice™ isn’t an electric utility, but a mission-driven organization that is bringing the benefits of solar energy to all. Solstice™ helps people understand their solar options and makes signing up for community solar easy.

With solar expanding so rapidly and many new options becoming available, how do you know if community solar is right for you? Solstice™ makes the decision easy by walking you through your options and helping you choose the best one for your household.

The great thing about Solstice™ is that it never gives anyone the hard sell. The company was founded with the goal of making solar work for every American, and the company’s team works closely with local solar developers to bring the greatest possible savings to their customers.


Currently, community solar is the best fit for households and businesses with a rooftop that is shaded, facing away from the sun or otherwise ineligible. It is also great for anyone who wants to protect the environment, but simply doesn’t want the burden of panels on their own property.

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As solar energy takes off in America, Solstice™ is changing the way we go solar, by making it easy to sign up for a local solar farm and see savings on your utility bill.


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