Our Community Partners

Communities are stronger when they act together. Solstice partners with local businesses and organizations to connect them with nearby solar gardens and raise money for the causes nearest to their hearts.


Partnership Programs


Connect your employees to solar and be recognized as a sustainable company.

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Community Organizations

Raise money to support your programs through a community driven fundraiser.

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Property Managers

Reduce your carbon footprint and save money across every property you manage.

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Bring affordable, renewable energy to your town’s buildings, businesses, and homes.

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Who Are Our Partners?

Our partners are anyone who shares our value of affordable, clean energy for all. Whether you’re a business, a nonprofit, or a backpacking club, you could partner with Solstice to bring purpose and momentum to your community.

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    Community Champions

    We’re proud to support these groups making a difference in their community

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Community solar allows you to access the benefits of solar energy, including being part of the renewable energy transition and saving on your monthly bills, without installing anything on your home. Instead, you opt in to a shared local solar farm. Think of it like carpooling with your friends. You could go it alone and bear the full cost, or you could join with your community and pay less for the same outcome. In fact, community solar is free to join, and you'll save an estimated 10% on your monthly electric bills for supporting solar.

    We'll structure our partnership based on you and your organization's needs. Property manager? Sign up all your meters in a single afternoon. Business? We'll partner with your HR team to offer community solar as an employee benefit. Nonprofit? We'll host an event or webinar with your community to raise money in the name of sustainability.

    Nope! You can subscribe to community solar no matter who provides your power, as long as you have an opportunity in your area. You can even keep your energy service provider, too, if it's different from your utility. Community solar hooks right up to the existing grid, so you'll see no change in the way in which you get your power.

    “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much."​

    Helen Keller

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