Save More With Community Solar

M&R Energy is partnering with Solstice to bring more customers clean energy and savings. Go green and reduce your monthly bills with Community Solar!

How Does It Work?

Glad You Asked!

You sign up for a share of your local solar farm. Your share produces electricity on your behalf all year long.

The electricity is sent to your utility, and you get credits on your bill for the energy your solar share produces.

You get your electricity as normal – no changes to your everyday life, except for lower bills and the peace of mind of supporting clean energy.

Here’s Why M&R Is Partnering With Solstice:

“M&R Energy Resources is thrilled to partner with Solstice in our joint effort to support green energy initiatives in New York State. Community solar will allow our customers to contribute to green energy projects while also benefitting from a monthly savings on their utility invoice. We’re working together for a cleaner future, one household at a time.”

Melissa Cobuzzi
CEO-President, M&R Energy

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    8.7 acres

    U.S. forest left intact

  • null

    1.6 cars

    Taken off the road

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    8,039 Lbs.

    Coal not burned

* Estimated using the EPA’s greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator based on 2017 avg. U.S. residential energy use from the Energy Information Administration.

Want to claim your free solar share and earn $100 for enrolling?

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  • Save 10% on your electric bills

  • Help reduce 2,700 tons of CO2/year

  • No installation or maintenance costs