Solstice is bringing a new kind of solar to you.

It's called community solar.

Households subscribe to a portion of a large solar garden and begin to receive solar power at a discount with no installation and no roof top required. 80% of households, including condo owners, renters, low-income consumers, and homes with shading or roofing issues, previously had no clean energy alternative to rooftop solar. That is all changing with the advent of innovative laws, new technology, and better financing mechanisms that make community solar possible. 

Solstice's mission is to make signing up for community solar easy, accessible, and intuitive for anyone, thereby accelerating the transition to clean energy, stimulating local economies, and democratizing savings from incentives. The ecosystem that makes community solar possible is confusing, but the benefits, savings, and sign up process is not. Work with us to subscribe to a portion of a large-scale solar garden in your area and join the clean energy revolution today. 

What we do.


Solar power to share.

Solstice works with solar developers to build community solar gardens in which everyone can easily participate.



Bolstering community. 

We then partner with you, your church, your workplace, or your school to switch your energy source based on your current usage.


A greener way to save.

Savings from incentives are passed to the household and displayed as a discount on their electric bill.

Want to learn more?

Check out our "How it Works" page or, if you are ready to explore your community solar options with us, click on the "Go Solar Button" below.

I thought this was the perfect solution because I don’t want to put the panels on my roof but I can still get solar power.
— Joyce, Solstice Customer, Swansea, MA

Together, we're building solar neighborhoods.