Make a Big Impact
With a Small Commitment

Monthly Savings up to 50%
Earn solar credits that reduce the cost you pay for electricity, giving you reliable savings each month.
Go Solar

Support resilient, renewable energy built in your community, and offset your home’s emissions with a share of solar.

 VISA Gift Card

As an added bonus, get a $50 VISA cash card when you join.

Renters are Welcome!
You don’t need to own your home to subscribe to community solar. If you pay a utility bill, you can save by joining.

Sustainable Energy Made Simple

Electricity produced by your solar panels allows you to save regularly on your monthly electric bill, and helps you support renewable energy.

1. Your Panels

We allocate you a portion of a shared solar garden in your area that will produce clean renewable energy on your behalf – no matter the season.

2. Your Utility Company

The electricity is sent to your utility company. You will see a positive credit on your normal utility bill for the electricity produced by your allocation.

3. Your Home or Business

Your lights turn on as always: no installation, extra costs, or additional downtime. Congrats, you finally get to benefit from affordable clean energy!


An Empowering Opportunity For

Together, we’ll lower our electric bills and build a brighter future for our community!

Every resident who enrolls with Solstice will not only earn $50 upfront when they join, but will also help reduce our dependency on fossil fuels!

Frequently Asked Questions

Community Solar is when we allocate you a portion of a shared solar farm in Illinois that will produce clean, renewable energy on your behalf. The green electricity is sent to your utility company. You will see a 50% discount on your normal utility supply bill for the electricity produced by your allocation. Your lights turn on as always. There is no installation, extra costs or downtime.

We are partnering with these fantastic organizations to ensure that everyone in our community can take advantage of their local community solar farm as a broader part of the Illinois Climate and Equitable Jobs Act that was recently passed. With this new state program our residents can join a local solar farm administered by Solstice and receive energy credits that are guaranteed to lower the electricity bill. 

When you enroll, you will be allocated panels from a Solstice solar farm. Your panels will generate energy that will be credited to you on your electric bill, reducing your electric supply costs by up to 50%. Solar credits received are based on subscriber energy usage and the solar farm’s energy production, which can fluctuate month-to-month resulting in varied savings. Additionally, you will receive a $50 enrollment bonus for joining

Yes! We are encouraging everyone to participate in this program as it is free, safe, and guarantees a lower energy bill.

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Learn More Before Enrolling

We’ll send you our complete guide to community solar and a link to schedule a phone call if you’d like to speak to our team.

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