Reservation Form

By signing this form, I understand that:

  • I am making a reservation for a “place in line” to sign up for community solar as it becomes available to service the address below.
  • Solstice's goal is to offer to qualifying households one of the following community solar options. The option I have selected is my preference and although Solstice will endeavor to meet my preference, they make no guarantees that this specific option will be available to me.
  • My “place in line” may be held, without need for any deposit, until I sign a contract for community solar participation. At any time, I may forfeit my “place in line” for community solar capacity with Solstice.
  • If no community solar projects are available, in Solstice’s sole determination, within six months of my reservation date, Solstice will continue to hold my “place in line” and will call me to ask if I would prefer to opt out of the program at that time.
  • Solstice will notify me when community solar capacity is available to sign a contract for service.

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Solstice Leader
Solstice Leaders are ambassadors who work to organize their networks to participate in community solar