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a new way to go solar

About 80% of Massachusetts homes can’t put solar panels on their rooftops. It's either too expensive, the home is rented, or there's not enough sun. 

Through community shared solar, now any home can go solar—at no cost and no rooftop required

By signing up, you'll get a share of a solar power project near you. Whenever it generates electricity, you get a credit on your utility bill. Most homes save about $100 per year.

Plus, when you sign up for community solar with Next Step Living and Solstice Initiative, you can support the organization of your choice through our “solar giving” program.




Solar power to share.

Solstice Initiative works with solar developers to build community solar arrays that everyone can share.

Bolstering community. 

We then partner with community organizations like churches, workplaces, and schools to offer solar power to their constituents.


A greener way to save.

Sign up and save your electricity bill every month—and support clean energy in the process. Most homes save about $100 every year.