Solstice: OUr story 

After working in the Obama White House, co-founders Steph and Steve decided to found Solstice to directly promote the shift to clean energy. Previously, the 80% of American households who could not install solar panels on their roof did not have an easy way to choose their energy source. At Solstice, we work with large solar developers to build solar arrays that channel energy to any home in the region through existing wires. Based on state and national policies, participants in these "solar gardens" receive credits for supporting clean energy on their utility bill, which amount to 10% savings annually compared to prior energy costs. By signing up for a plan, you save money and reduce your eco-footprint.

benefits of community solar

Due to economies of scale and improved tracking and orientation of panels in large solar farms, community solar can:

  • Generate power at 1/2 the cost of equivalent-sized residential solar installations
  • Avoid emitting about 50% more carbon
  • You save money on your utility bill
  • You reduce your ecological footprint

3 simple Steps

1. Our solar developer partners build a solar garden in your area that sends electricity to the grid.

2. We work with you to determine how much power should be allocated to you from your local solar garden.

3. The savings are passed to you through electricity rate discounts that will appear directly on your monthly utility bill.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section or enter your email to learn about your options for community solar.

we can walk you through it

Submit your email and a Solstice representative will be in touch to explain your options to go solar.

My wife and I both find the concept of community solar very compelling. It seems to provide an answer to some of our practical physical challenges having to do with the orientation of our building and ownership of our condominium. We also really want to promote the idea of local energy sourcing as best we can. Practically and aspirationally it is a great fit for us.
— James, Solstice Customer, Cambridge, MA