Community Solar Works For Every Residence You Manage

Organizations In Western MA Can Now Connect and Benefit From:

Monthly Savings
Estimated 10% monthly savings on all your electric costs
Renewable Energy

Achieve CSR goals through local impact in your community 

Free to Join
No added costs to join or installations on your property
No Installation
No complex switching of your electric provider

Organizations like yours are saving thousands each month with Solstice

Easterseals provides services, education, outreach and advocacy programs enabling veterans and people living with disabilities to live, learn, work, play and thrive within their communities. Now they’ve enrolled 15 properties in community solar, expanding their impact and helping to sustain their community with an environmental impact equivalent to planting 2,100 trees in the ground.

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Estimated Annual Savings

The Arc Rockland is a nonprofit organization that supports over 1,000 community members with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Their impactful programs, ranging from preschool to residential housing, recreation, and family support services, have touched the lives of countless children and adults in need in Rockland County. By enrolling 28 of their own meters and then spreading the benefits to their community, The Arc Rockland was able to raise over $8,000 in addition to achieving an environmental impact equivalent to removing 418 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year.

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Estimated Annual Savings

The Anderson Center for Autism provides consultation, support, and training to individuals, families, school districts, and community agencies affected by autism spectrum disorders or other related developmental disabilities. The organization enrolled 27 meters in Solstice community solar, and through these meters is having an environmental impact equivalent to taking 100 cars off the road.

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Estimated Annual Savings

El Valor is a nonprofit organization serving over 4,000 children, adults with disabilities, and their families annually. Their mission is to support underserved individuals to achieve excellence and participate fully in life, and they are succeeding by creating opportunities that enrich and empower vulnerable populations to become their own advocates. By enrolling 11 of their properties in community solar, El Valor is achieving an environmental impact equivalent to preserving 873 acres of U.S. forests.

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Estimated Annual Savings

What is Community Solar

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1. Panels

We allocate you a portion of a shared solar garden in your area that will produce clean renewable energy on your behalf – no matter the season.

2. Utility Company

The electricity is sent to your utility company. You will see a positive credit on your normal utility bill for the electricity produced by your allocation.

3. You

Your lights turn on as always: no installation, extra costs, or additional downtime. Congrats, you finally get to benefit from affordable clean energy!

Getting started is easy

Most Americans don’t yet have the means to install solar panels on their own property. Community solar empowers residents and organizations to connect their electric meters to locally built solar gardens and earn renewable energy credits on their bills, bringing down their costs and preserving their community for good.