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Go Solar and Save Through El Valor and Solstice!

El Valor has gone solar with Solstice, and now you can, too! Residents within the El Valor network can join an Illinois solar farm, support renewable energy, and get financial relief without paying to join.

  • Enjoy up to 20% savings on your annual electric supply costs*
  • Receive a $100 Visa Gift Card when you join
  • This special offer is for ComEd customers
*As a community solar subscriber, you earn monetary credits on your ComEd bills. Then you pay those back at a 20% discount, assuming the default electricity supply rate. If you’re on a different supply rate, you’re still eligible to participate, but savings may vary.
An electric bill you’ll love

Our program is designed so that you will always save on all solar credits you receive on your bills. Enroll in just a few minutes below.

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Make a Big Impact
With a Small Commitment

Monthly Savings up to 20%
Earn solar credits that reduce the cost you pay for electricity, giving you reliable savings each month.
Go Solar
Support resilient, renewable energy built in your community, and offset your home’s emissions with a share of solar.
$100 VISA Gift Card

Get a $100 VISA cash card when you join, and trigger a $100 donation from Solstice to El Valor.

Renters are Welcome!
You don’t need to own your home to subscribe to community solar. If you pay a utility bill, you can save by joining.

Contributing to El Valor

Every household that signs up for the their local solar farm through Solstice and El Valor triggers a $100 donation from Solstice to El Valor. This money will go directly to support El Valor’s important work to support children and adults with disabilities and their families.

Together, we’ll lower one another’s electric bills, build a more resilient community, and continue to support El Valor’s valuable programs.

Join a Community
of Solar Subscribers

Going solar with Solstice

Learn More Before Enrolling

We’ll send you our complete guide to community solar and a link to schedule a phone call if you’d like to speak to our team.

Don’t want to fill out a form? Call us instead at (866) 826-1997

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    Optional: If someone referred you, enter their name to give them credit!

    Solstice is an Approved Designee of the Illinois Shines Program, also known as the Adjustable Block Program or “ABP.” Illinois Shines is a state-administered program implemented by the Illinois Power Agency to promote new solar development and solar PV systems. Solstice community solar farms produce local solar power, and Renewable Energy Credits, or “RECs” are sold to the Illinois Shines program to help Illinois reach its renewable energy goals.

    Click here for the Illinois Shines community solar informational brochure