Community solar lets you save money while supporting renewable energy.

Today, nearly four out of every five American households cannot access solar power, many of them simply because their rooftop is shaded or facing in the wrong direction.

Community shared solar is changing the game. Now you can subscribe to your local solar garden, supporting your community and saving money on your utility bill.

 There are still spots left on the waitlist for this solar farm in Oxford, MA (Worcester County)!  Photo Credit: BlueWave Solar

There are still spots left on the waitlist for this solar farm in Oxford, MA (Worcester County)! Photo Credit: BlueWave Solar


That's where we come in.

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Community solar lets you subscribe to a local shared solar farm (sometimes called a solar garden) and see savings on your electric bill.


Community solar farms are usually located on brownfields, superfund sites, capped landfills, or other unused land. You don’t need to own your home to participate, and it doesn't matter if your roof is shaded or facing in the wrong direction. 


With community solar, you don’t buy the panels, but instead subscribe to the electricity that they produce. This means that there are no upfront investments or upfront costs. Your allocation is determined by your historical energy usage, so your monthly bill is covered by the production of your solar panels.

Save Money

Community solar subscribers save money on their electricity bills, usually receiving a 5-15% discount on their energy. This is made possible by the plummeting price of solar technology, state and federal incentives, and pricing agreements between the solar developer and the utility.


The method by which fossil fuels are extracted and produced is mostly automated, while solar and other renewables require labor for planning and installation. Despite its relative youth, the solar industry already employs more people in electricity generation than oil, coal and natural gas combined. In 2016 alone, the wind and solar industries created 100,000 jobs right here in the USA.



Our continued reliance on fossil fuel energy drives environmental pollution and climate change. Between polluted waters, choking air, extreme weather patterns, and unpredictable agricultural conditions, our way of life is increasingly threatened.

Switching to renewable energy is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure the health of our planet.

 The Solstice team.

The Solstice team.



Solstice was founded on five simple values: Equity, Integrity, Curiosity, Gratitude and Hard Work. We try to live these values every day in our work, bringing solar to every American and making sure our customers always get a fair deal. You'll never get the hard sell from us--only the information you need to make the right decision for your household. And you'll know that we're working hard behind the scenes to push for solar contracts that allow everyone to participate in the renewable energy revolution.


I thought this was the perfect solution because I don’t want to put the panels on my roof but I can still get solar power.
— Joyce, Solstice Customer, Swansea, MA