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Community Solar Savings for the private community of Long Lake!

Homeowners and renters in Long Lake can enroll in community-shared solar. 10 of your neighbors have already enrolled and started saving, and you can too! By signing up for clean energy through Solstice, you'll earn savings on your electric bills and support resilient, locally distributed energy for your community - no rooftop installation required.

  • Enjoy up to 10% savings on your annual electric supply costs*
  • Earn a $100 Visa Gift Card when you join!
  • This special offer is for homeowners and renters in the community of Long Lake
*Your payment is equal to the value of bill credits, assuming the default electricity supply charge with your utility, minus your discount of 10%. If you’re on a different supply rate, you are still eligible to participate. Savings may vary.
An electric bill you’ll love
Solstice’s program is designed so that you will always save on all solar credits you receive on your bills.  Space is limited; check availability and enroll in just minutes below. Enroll Now

Make a Big Impact on Your Community
With a Small Commitment

Monthly Savings up to 10%
Earn solar credits that reduce the cost you pay for electricity, giving you reliable savings each month.​
Go Solar
Support resilient, renewable energy built in your community, and offset your home's emissions with a share of solar.​.​
$100 VISA Gift Card

Get a $100 VISA cash card when you join, in addition to the $100 donation Solstice will make to Solstice Initiative.

Renters are Welcome!

You don’t need to own your home to subscribe to community solar. If you pay a utility bill, you can save by joining.

Reliable Savings, Every Month

No extra fees; just savings on your Solstice invoice month after month.

Join your neighbors and be a part of the growing solar community

Going solar with Solstice 

Your Solar Farm

We allocate you a portion of a shared solar farm in your area that will produce clean, renewable energy on your behalf.

Your Utility

The electricity is sent to your utility company. You will see a discount on your normal utility bill for the electricity produced by your allocation.

Households & Businesses

Your lights turn on as always: no installations, extra costs, or additional downtime. Congrats, you finally get to benefit from affordable clean energy!

Be Proud of Your Electric Bill

One average American home going solar is like:

An Empowering Opportunity for the Long Lake community

Every resident who enrolls with Solstice will earn $100 upfront when they join. Supporting clean, renewable energy has never been so simple. No fees, no rooftop installation. 

Together, we’ll lower our electric bills and build a brighter future for our community!

Learn More Before Enrolling

We’ll send you our complete guide to community solar and a link to schedule a phone call if you’d like to speak to our team.

Don’t want to fill out a form? Call us instead at (866) 826-1997

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    Optional: If someone referred you, enter their name to give them credit!