When political leadership fails, personal choices matter more than ever. People in Massachusetts are taking this to heart and are signing up for clean community solar power. Community solar is:

  • 50% more efficient at avoiding carbon emissions than rooftop solar
  • Factors grid upkeep into its cost
  • Requires no installation or rooftop
  • Still provides households with built-in 10% annual savings on their electricity costs.





1. Our solar developer partners build a solar garden in your area that sends electricity to the grid.

2. We work with you to determine how much power should be allocated to your home from this solar garden.

3. The savings are passed along to you through electricity rate discounts that will appear directly on your monthly utility bill.

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My wife and I both find the concept of community solar very compelling. It seems to provide an answer to some of our practical physical challenges having to do with the orientation of our building and ownership of our condominium. We also really want to promote the idea of local energy sourcing as best we can. Practically and aspirationally it is a great fit for us.
— James, Solstice Customer, Cambridge, MA