Did you work on a political campaign or in the Obama Administration, and are now thinking about transitioning to the Clean Energy sector?  Are you wondering what your options are and how to translate your campaign and political experience into a job in clean energy and the climate fight? A group of former campaign staff who now work in clean energy put together a series of calls to answer your questions and help you get started.

There were 3 calls featuring a diverse group of speakers who work on advancing clean energy in the non-profit, private sector, and government worlds. All calls were held between 11/28/16 and 12/7/16. The calls were recorded, and you can listen to a call by clicking one of the links below. Panel members for each call are listed below.

1. Overview

  • Jon Carson, SolarCity
  • Michelle Moore, Groundswell.org
  • Ian Adams, Clean Energy Trust
  • Steph Speirs, Solstice
  • Brandon Hurlbut, Boundary Stone Partners 

2. Non-Profit Jobs

  • Ivan Frishberg Amalgamated Bank
  • Michelle Moore, Groundswell
  • Jodie Van Horn, Sierra Club
  • Becky Stanfield, Solar City
  • Udai Rohatgi, NextGen Climate

3. Private Sector Jobs

  • Aparna Mohla, SolarCity
  • Emily Kirsch, PowerHouse
  • Ian Adams, Clean Energy Trust
  • Steph Speirs, Solstice
  • Matt Ewing, SolarCity