Invest in confirmed solar energy projects

Go beyond a carbon offset

To fight climate change, clean energy solutions need to be verifiable and reliable.

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Mitigate climate change through Auxos credits

Carbon offsets have a bad reputation because they are not always true to their offer or scaling our impact. Auxos credits are different.


Unlike other offsets, Auxos Credits go towards solar projects we are helping to build. 


Be able to trace the impact of the solar farms down to the last electron!


You will get the offset and we will provide updates on the real benefit you are adding as new clean energy projects get built

Help us make Auxos Credits a reality

Simple to start

A flat rate of $10/month will cover your home’s entire carbon footprint. You’ll get proof of purchase for all your Auxos credits.

Make a difference

See the actual solar projects your offsets are being sourced from and exactly how your Auxos credit is contributing toward increasing clean energy deployment.

Track and manage your environmental footprint
Track Your Auxos Credits via your Solstice account app
Cancel anytime; no cancellation fees.

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